Sunday, March 8, 2009

Essential Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Website

Increasing your website’s online presence doesn’t have to cost much. There are many free or almost-free techniques that can help you drive considerable traffic to your website.

If your traffic budget is minimal, you can use tips noted here to create free website traffic. The key, of course, is consistency.

A powerful technique for generating traffic to your website is exchanging links with other webmasters. All you have to do is to find websites that complement yours in some way, contact the webmaster and exchange website links with them. Considerable traffic can be driven to your site through the websites where your link has been placed. Be sure that you list your new acquaintance’s address on your own site, though; you must start right off building a good reputation for yourself. This will pay off in spades in the long run.

Create joint ventures with other list owners and webmasters. What’s the profit in this? In a joint venture, the partners can advertise each other’s websites to their own customer list. This does not cost you anything, so it is very cost effective. How do you get in an arrangement like this? Get in touch with some list owners and make your request. In this way your website can be seen by a very large list of people. Inevitably this will drive more traffic to your site.

Create some articles or free reports for other webmasters to publish. Place your site address in the author`s resource or biography. If you write quality reports and articles, your items will be published on the other webmasters’ sites; therefore, many readers who will read your article will also go to your website.

Add your website address in your signature for your business email. Anyone that you email can potentially be a prospect for you. Therefore, you will be promoting your website every time you email someone.

Create RSS feeds for your site and submit the feed URLs to the major RSS feed directories online. This will generate traffic to your website.

Create a blog that is linked to your site. Whenever you add new content to a blog, it is essential to ping it. Pinging your blog causes the search engine robots to index your site, which ultimately drives more and more traffic to you. Also, submit your blog address to blog search directories and sites.

Your forum profile signature should include your blog and web addresses. In this way, whenever you post or respond to forum questions, your website URL is seen by all the forum members.

By following these tips, you can easily generate a much larger flow of traffic to your website without spending much money at all. It does require some time to perform the steps presented here – but if you do all this diligently, you will see an increase in your site’s traffic.

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