Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stride Passionately into Online Marketing

Anyone over the age of 30 knows that working at a job that doesn’t excite you is an unattractive way to spend your working life. Anyone under the age of 30 can tell you, they don’t intend to spend their working life that way.

Assuming you have the drive and the proper tools – there’s no reason why you couldn’t carve out your own online path, based on something that genuinely ignites your fervor - even in a recession, or a depression.

Like any other profession, an online profession requires preparation and dedication. Simply because working online is done from home, from your favorite table at Starbucks, or some other environment that is not a cubicle farm, it cannot be done in a sloppy or casual way if you expect success. Working from home with no supervision takes as much, or more, discipline and drive than going to an office does.

Most people will not make amy momey at all online - and others will earn more in a month than others do in a year. Why? What is the key to online success? Why do so many fail and a few succeed?

Passion. Yes, just Passion! But in this case, Passion means a laser-tight focus. It means that you’ve done your homework, researched or created great products, and you like them and believe in them because they fill a need or solve a problem. If you like the products, you will have a true interest in them as well as in your bank account. Your Passion for your products will help you get past the rough spots of internet marketing much easier!

There are plenty of programs out there for you to learn from. There are plenty of free downloads to start you on your way, too. All this information is available with a quick search. You can become an affiliate marketer of companies whose products and results you respect, like I did. Any way you do it, it’s an exciting ride, and it can be worth the time, effort and Passion you put into it!

I am creating a recession-proof online income. Would you like to join me?
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